Lenovo Chromebook S330 Review 2020: 3 Things to Know Before You Buy

Chromebooks have become increasingly popular in recent years. They allow indiviuals to utilize a device that’s cheaper than a laptop, yet still can perform the same daily tasks that may be necessary. From writing and editing documents to streaming favorite videos and music, the chromebook is an excellent option for someone who wants the lightweight feel and design of a tablet paired with functionality of a laptop.

Finding the right chromebook is key. Today we are going to be taking an in-depth look at the Lenovo Chromebook S330 (click to see it at Amazon). We’ll be sharing what’s great about this specific device. We will also be sharing how it stands up to the more competetive Chromebooks on the market. This will allow you to make the right choice when it comes to indulging in Chromebooks.

What’s So Good about the Lenovo Chromebook S330?

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Lenovo Group Limited, which is commonly referred to simply as “Lenovo”, is an extremely popular technology company based in China. They have been providing innovative technology since 1984 and continuously surprise customers and surpass expectations. Being the high-tech and intuitive company they are, they fairly recently came out with a fitting slogan Innovation Never Stands Still”  in 2015.

This slogan holds true for all of their products, including the Lenovo S330 Chromebook. While it’s not the flashiest and most high-tech option out there, it is certainly one of the favorite Chromebooks. That’s because it comes with a sleek and lightweight utilitarian design combined with modern performance that can easily handle everyday tasks.

There’s a lot to enjoy with this Chromebook. In this next section, we will be looking into the main features that make the Lenovo S330 a standout in the industry.

Important Features #1: Design and Appearance

As we mentioned previously, the Lenovo S330 isn’t known for being the most high-end Chromebook on the market. But that doesn’t mean that it lacks in quality or appears “cheap”, even though it’s one of the most cost-effective Chromebooks on the market. Instead, this device is all business. It comes in a sleek utilitarian and business-like black hue that can easily be taken to school, work, or the local coffee shop. Complete with a dimpled texture on the top and bottom, gripping this Chromebook is a cinch.

As far as the display is concerned, it’s not underwhelming or overwhelming. The 1920 x 1080 display panel has rather basic graphics that can sometimes appear grainy. It’s not entirely noticeable that the 14-inch display lacks detailed graphics. It’s mostly a standout feature when moving from a 4K display to this 14-inch screen.

The 14-inch display is also entirely anti-glare. This means no annoying glares standing in between you and your work.

If you want better graphics, the good news is there is a full HD verson of the Lenovo Chromebook S330. The full HD version comes with incredible graphics that can standup to the more high-end Chromebooks and laptops on the market. It is a pricier option, though.

The cheapest version comes with a 730p, 2366 x 768 resolution display.

Important Features #2: Performance and Connectivity

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a Chromebook is the performance. Since this Chromebook is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, it’s easy to think that it will slack on performance, but that’s not entirely the case. The laptop allows for a number of different plug-ins. On the right side there is a USB 3.0 port, HDMI, USB-C, and a card reader. This allows for more functionality that isn’t even available on other, pricier Chromebooks and laptops alike.

As far as specifications are concerned, this device comes with a MediaTek MT8173C processor. This MediaTek MT8173C provides 1.7GHz for the user. It’s not anything astounding, and you should not think that this Chromebook can handle extremely detailed video games or handling a whole lot of use during a single session. Instead, the Lenovo S330 is known fo being able to “get the job done”. It is easily able to handle writing, reading, videos, and social media.

The Lenovo Chromebook S330 isn’t known for being sluggish or laggy, either. It can handle a whole lot before succumbing to the infamous “lag” that is so common in cheaper electronic devices.

As far as sound is concerned, the overall quality is crisp and clear. Of course, the sound quality is far better when utilizing a set of headphones. That is because the sound quality can start to become frazzled when turned up too high. It’s best to stick to headphones with this device. The good news is, you’re not stuck to wires when listening to audio. With Bluetooth capabilities, high-end headphones can be used.

The Lenovo Chromebook comes with 4GB of RAM which is typically enough memory for anyone. Of course, if you feel that you need more RAM, then you can always spend more for additional temporary storage.

In a Lenovo Chromebook S330 Review, one user claimed that the keyboard was also a major standout of this Chromebook. He mentions that a lot of Chromebooks have a tendency to have sticky or somewhat aggravating keyboards. The Lenovo Chromebook proved to have an easy-to-use keyboard that allowed him to quickly and easily get the job done.

Standout Feature #3: Battery Life

Perhaps the biggest standout feature of this Chromebook is the battery life. It it touted as being one of the only Chromebooks to offer its user an astounding 10 hours of battery life. This 10-hour battery life is likely possible due to the Chrome OS operating on some fairly modest hardware.

One easy way to extend battery life and enjoy the Chrome OS for longer periods of time is to power down completely rather than settling for “deep sleep” mode. Deep sleep will still pull some charge out of the battery. The good news is, with 10 hours of battery life altogether, this Chromebook can easily be used throughout the entirety of your day.

What’s more to love about the battery life of this Chromebook is that it comes with a USB C charge port that allows the user to “top off” the charge when necessary. This USB C port allows you to use other forms of power supply, such as a smartphone charger.

Charging takes about 3 hours total to go from 0% to 100%. That is a very quick charging speed that is not found on many Chromebooks and certainly is not the case for a regular laptop.

Can Do/Can’t Do


  • Be used to perform everyday tasks easily thanks to the Chrome OS.
  • Charge in as little as 3 hours and be used for up to 10 hours at a time.
  • Be upgraded for more storage and better graphics.


  • This Chromebook is not a 2-in-1 like many other Chromebooks on the market.
  • It can’t provide great sound without headphones.
  • It can’t handle a whole lot of applications at a single time.

How Do You Use It?

You will use the Lenovo Chromebook S330 like any other laptop or Chromebook. Since there is no 2-in-1 option, there is no need for any special functions or learning curve. Simply plug in the Chromebook, power it up, and operate the Chrome OS to get your tasks completed.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Almost every review has claimed that this Chromebook is the “best basic Chromebook on the market”. For the price, it offers competetive features, including a fairly wonderful display paired with software that can easily “get the job done”. It is notably one of the best values on the market. However, a few people have left reviews saying that they aren’t a fan of the sound quality.

Almost every reviewer has raved about this piece of technology.

How Does It Compare?

It’s important to know how a piece of technology stands up to competitors. Here, we show how this device compares to its top competition.

Lenovo Chromebook S330 vs Lenovo Chromebook C330

The S330 and the Lenovo C330 are practically twins. They offer the same specifications, including the operating system and available RAM. However, the display is slightly different. The Lenovo C330 Chromebook has a much smaller display, with the screen only being 11.6 inches. The C330 also comes with touchscreen, which is a major benefit to this new-and-improved laptop.

Chromebook S330 vs HP Chromebook 14-db0000 Series

There are many differences between these two machines. For one, the S330 has a much longer battery life in the original model. The HP offers a variety of battery lives, but you will have to pay more for the 10-hour battery. The S330 comes with a better processing speed at 2.1GHz compared to 1.6GHz. It also comes with an Intel CPU with quad core. The HP Chromebook comes with the lesser AMD CPU and only dual core. The S330 comes with more memory, better memory technology, and a better card reader. The HP version only has Micro SD card capabilities. Overall, the 14-inch, S330 is a better option.

Chromebook S330 vs Acer Chromebook 14 CB3

The S330 immediately wins over the Acer due to the larger drive capacity, with 32/64 GB compared to 16/32 GB options. Acer offers a 12-hour battery option, though, which is better than the S330. The Acer also comes with HD video, although the processor speed and cache is better with the S330. The display also differs greatly between the two, with the 14-inch S330 having a 1366 x 768 and the Acer having 1920 x 1080. All in all, it seems the two are quite similar, but the S330 is still the optimum choice.

Is the Lenovo Chromebook s330 a Touchscreen?

No, this laptop does not have touchscreen capabilities. The newer version, the C330, does.

Are Lenovo Chromebooks Any Good?

Yes. Almost every review for Lenovo Chromebooks have continuously been positive. They appear to be a wonderful investment and come with plenty of high-end, or at least modern, features. The products do not tend to have a high price tag. Lenovo technology has proven to be an excellent, cost-effective choice that comines value with quality.


The Lenovo Chromebook S330 is notably the best value Chromebook on the market today. It comes with plenty of modern features that allow students, business men and women, or even the average Joe to enjoy a piece of technology that’s larger than a tablet yet smaller than a laptop. The S330 contineus to prevail against the competition, yet still has a low price tag. It isn’t the most developed or outstanding piece of technology, but it’s the “best basic Chromebook” on the market today and will not disappoint.

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